Other Services

Intervention of deleterious habits

Children showcase multiple habits like thumb/digit sucking, mouth breathing, night grinding, tongue thrusting and lip biting. These habits can have deleterious effects on the child’s teeth as well as jaws. Timely intervention to stop such habits can prevent such damage. The intervention includes both a psychological counselling approach as well as fixed appliance therapy to permanently break the habit.

Space Maintainers

When milk teeth are extracted early or shed off early due to reasons like severely decayed teeth, the space previously occupied has to be maintained in place till the successor (permanent) tooth erupts. Occasionally, this space has to be maintained for about 5-6 years using the space maintainer appliance. If such an appliance is not used, there may be problems like misaligned teeth, locking of the successor permanent teeth.

Sports Dentistry

People who are involved in contact sports like wresting, boxing can report with injuries to their front teeth. In order to prevent such injuries, a mouth guard is essential. We provide customized mouth guards by taking measurement of the child’s jaw and teeth.